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In our mission to reduce waste and create a sustainable business model in an industry traditionally filled with waste, we have partnered with Sarah Gerrard Jones, a.k.a

@theplantrescuer to offer Plant Rescue Boxes.

As online sales of plants have grown, so do the ever-increasingly large number of plants that get discarded when they no longer look 'perfect'. Often plants that are perfectly healthy but cosmetically damaged or have some past damage from pests or cold issues on shipping, have to be removed from sale. As Sarah puts it 'Most of us agree that throwing away vegetables because they’re wonky shouldn’t be an acceptable practice, and yet there are houseplants being discarded on a massive scale for the same reason. 

So what is a Plant Rescue Box?

We'll be offering two main types, a houseplant rescue box, and a rare plant rescue box

With our rescue boxes, you can give plants that would be destined for the bin a second chance. Inside each box will be plants that have some form of cosmetic damage or issues which means we can't sell them normally. It may be cut leaves, cut tops, shipping damage, past fungal issues, etc. 

The plants are heavily discounted to reflect their condition and are non-refundable, but with proper care, many will thrive. We do guarantee that any damage from pests or fungal/cold issues will be treated, so you will have no issue whatsoever with bringing something unwanted into your home. 

What's Included?

The boxes are priced at £15 for a houseplant box and £35 for a rare plant box. Inside the box, you'll receive plants worth at least 2x the box value. That might be made up of 1 or 2 larger plants or a number of smaller plants.

The contents are a mystery but we can confirm there will be some exciting inclusions.

Examples (but the list is nowhere near exhaustive) of some of the plants you might find:

Houseplant Box: Alocasia stingray, Begonia escargot, Pilea norfolk, ZZ supernova.

Syngonium Box: Albo, Mottled, Three Kings, Batik

Rareplant Box: Philodendron atabapoense, Philodendron lupinum, Philodendron fibraecataphyllum, Monstera sp Ecuador

Special Rare Plant Edition: Cyrtosperma sp, Anthurium hybrids and more. This is the very special box!

Not only are the boxes a good way to help reduce waste in the industry, but we'll also make sure they're a good opportunity to add some new interesting species to your collection.

Care Instructions

Each plant requires slightly different care, but it's best to not over-care for them. Ideally keep each plant slightly moist, in bright indirect light, if you have a place with more humidity, like a bright bathroom, a kitchen, or a space with a humidifier, this will be best to ensure you give the plant the best possible chance to thrive. Please don't cut the plant or repot for at least a week after arriving to minimise stress.

Please note: Due to their nature, these boxes are not refundable. We may not always have these in stock and will periodically add stock as and when we have enough plants to fill boxes.

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