Hanging Plants

Transform any room into a jungle with our hanging plants collection. This collection features rare varieties like Hoya, Epiphyllum and Epipremnum.

These luscious plants not only save room but also mimic the way plants naturally hang from trees in the jungle. Perfect for any plant enthusiast, they're a unique blend of aesthetics and nature.

83 products

    83 products
    Hoya burtoniae - GROW TROPICALS
    Hoya burtoniae - GROW TROPICALS
    Hoya burtoniae
    Epiphyllum Red Tip - GROW TROPICALS
    Epiphyllum Red Tip

    Hanging Houseplants at GrowTropicals

    Our hanging houseplants offer can effortlessly transform your space into a lush, vibrant indoor jungle. Hanging houseplants is ideal for small spaces as they free up valuable floor space while still providing stunning greenery.

    Not only do they mimic the way plants naturally grow in the wild, but they also add a touch of home decor with creative ways to display.

    Here at GrowTropicals, we specialise in rare and exotic hanging plant varieties that you won't find in typical garden centres.

    Some of our favourite hanging houseplants include the String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus), Hoya Linearis, Staghorn Fern (Platycerium) and Asethna Rasta.

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    Our easy-care hanging bundle is perfect for both beginners and experienced plant owners, our selection includes plants that are as easy to care for as they are beautiful. Plus, save 15% when purchasing the bundle together!

    Browse our hanging plants selection and find the perfect hanging plants to elevate your space.

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