Moss Poles and Support

Give your climbing plants the support they need to reach new heights with our range of moss poles and supports. The Kratiste Support Pole has become increasingly popular over the last few months as they make a fantastic moss & coir eco-friendly alternative.

6 products

    6 products

    Shop Moss Poles and Support for Your Climbing Indoor Plants

    Give your climbing MonsteraPhilodendron and Pothos the support they need to reach new heights with our range of moss poles and supports at GrowTropicals. Our selection is designed to provide the perfect structure for your plants to grow, ensuring they remain healthy and stable as they climb.

    The Kratiste Support Pole

    The Kratiste Support Pole has become increasingly popular over the last few months, serving as a fantastic moss and coir eco-friendly alternative. Made from sustainable materials, the Kratiste Support Pole not only supports your plants but also contributes to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Its sturdy construction and natural look make it an excellent addition to any indoor garden, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

    Why stake your climbing houseplants?

    Moss poles are essential for many types of climbing plants, offering several benefits:

    Moss poles provide the necessary support to keep your climbing plants upright, preventing them from falling over as they grow.

    By providing a structure for your plants to climb, moss poles encourage healthy vertical growth, allowing your plants to reach their full potential.

    Moss poles add a natural, green element to your indoor garden, enhancing the overall look of your plant arrangements.

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