The GrowTropicals Story

Since the start of GrowTropicals, our core mission has been to provide the best plants, with the best service, in a sustainable and ethical way.

Our journey started during the COVID pandemic that saw a huge surge in the number of people entering the indoor gardening hobby. From our inception it quickly became clear to us that the sourcing of plants to meet this new demand was unsustainable.

Massive damage was occurring in native habitats as a direct result of the increased demand from hobbyists. We are seeking to fix this within the UK, and also beyond, as a vocal member of the wider plant community.

Alongside sourcing sustainable rare plants, we also are very passionate about providing you with the tools to grow even the most demanding of indoor plants. This website is a small curated collection of products we have used, abused and can testify for.

As part of our commitment to ensuring the plant hobby is sustainable long term, whilst working to protect the most vulnerable areas of biodiversity, we will be donating 5% of all our profits from this website to The Rainforest Trust to further their work in protecting the world's rainforests for generations to come.

We're as passionate about sustainable, rare indoor plant growing as you, and are always interested to help, hear your thoughts or get feedback on what we are doing. So don't be shy and come and say hi over at @growtropicals on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.