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Monstera adansonii 'Monkey Mask' Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera adansonii 'Monkey Mask'
Sale priceFrom £3.99
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Monstera dubia Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera Dubia
Sale price£32.99
Monstera pinnatipartita Plants GrowTropicals 13cm Pot
Monstera pinnatipartita
Sale price£15.99
Monstera 'Esqueleto' Plants GrowTropicals 17cm
Monstera 'Esqueleto'
Sale priceFrom £60.00
Monstera adansonii 'Aurea Variegated' Plants GrowTropicals 1
Monstera adansonii 'Aurea Variegated'
Sale priceFrom £30.00
Monstera Adansonii 'European Mint Form' Plants GROW TROPICALS
Monstera adansonii ssp. laniata Type Plants GrowTropicals Starter plant
Monstera adansonii ssp. laniata Type
Sale price£15.00 Regular price£30.00
Monstera aureopinnata aff. Plants GrowTropicals Partly-rooted 2 leaf cutting
Monstera aureopinnata aff.
Sale priceFrom £30.00 Regular price£55.00
Monstera cf. lechleriana Peru Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera cf. lechleriana Peru
Sale price£100.00
Monstera cf. obliqua Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera cf. obliqua
Sale price£85.00 Regular price£100.00
Monstera deliciosa Large Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera deliciosa
Sale priceFrom £7.99 Regular price£9.49
Monstera deliciosa 'Highly Variegated' Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera deliciosa 'Albo Variegated'
Sale price£60.00 Regular price£150.00
Monstera deliciosa 'Thai Constellation' Plants GrowTropicals 6cm
Monstera deliciosa 'Thai Constellation'
Sale priceFrom £78.99 Regular price£150.00
Monstera dissecta Plants GrowTropicals Medium partly-rooted 1 leaf cutting
Monstera dissecta
Sale priceFrom £27.00 Regular price£55.00
Monstera lechleriana Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera lechleriana
Sale price£35.00
Monstera obliqua 'Amazonas B' Plants GrowTropicals 9cm (3 Leaf)
Monstera obliqua 'Amazonas B'
Sale priceFrom £30.00 Regular price£100.00
Monstera obliqua 'Amazonas, Peru Form' Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera obliqua 'Amazonas, Peru Form'
Sale price£35.00 Regular price£100.00
Monstera obliqua 'Peru - Clone 2' Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera obliqua 'Peru - Clone 2'
Sale price£125.00 Regular price£150.00
Monstera obliqua 'Peru Form' Plants GrowTropicals Rooted 1 leaf cutting
Monstera obliqua 'Peru Form'
Sale price£75.00 Regular price£150.00
Monstera siltepecana Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera siltepecana
Sale price£9.99 Regular price£29.99
Monstera sp Peru Plants GrowTropicals 12cm
Monstera sp Peru
Sale price£12.99
Monstera sp. 'NOID Velvet' Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera sp. 'NOID Velvet'
Sale priceFrom £40.00 Regular price£60.00
Monstera sp. 'radicans' Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera sp. 'radicans'
Sale price£25.00
Monstera sp. Bolivia Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera sp. Bolivia
Sale price£85.00 Regular price£100.00
Monstera sp. Ecuador Plants GrowTropicals 7cm
Monstera sp. Ecuador
Sale priceFrom £30.00 Regular price£50.00
Monstera standleyana 'Variegated' Plants GrowTropicals 13cm Pot
Monstera standleyana 'Variegated'
Sale price£10.99 Regular price£29.99
Monstera subpinnata Plants GrowTropicals Baby plant
Monstera subpinnata
Sale price£30.00

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