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The InSitu Ecosystems vivariums and terrariums have been designed to solve many of the problems hobbyists have faced using enclosures that aren't specifically designed for keeping dart frogs, dwarf geckos, orchids and other specialized species of flora and fauna. 

All of the vivariums feature a sloped base deck that directs water into a collection trough and drain/outlet plumbing, and the door tracks have integrated 'bumpers' that create a seal when closed to prevent fruit flies and other feeder insects from escaping.

The AMAZONIA is the ultimate package for dynamic habitat control. It comes fully equipped with all of the hood integrations, including a custom LED light unit (and dimmer switch) and 2 air circulation fans (one for each back corner) with adjustable heads. Integrating these types of features in the past required retrofitting products from other industries, but InSitu have put it all together into a single plug-and-play package so you can spend more time actually enjoying your vivariums...not piecing them together.

The ALTO is essentially the Amazonia, but with increased height (standing at 93.3cm tall to the top of the light hood). It is a complete standalone vivarium package and includes both the LED light system and dual air circulation fans built-in and ready to go, with some upgraded features to help with the increased height. The footprint dimensions allow the Altotoe be kept on a traditional rack system. However, we have found that this vivarium makes for an impressive display on its own. Because of the low-profile design and ability to place InSitu vivariums right next to each other, placing multiple Altos side-by-side can create the illusion of a single massive display enclosure. And, because it is composed of multiple individual tanks, you can still manage different species and morphs separate from each other.

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    2 products

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