InSitu Ecoystems AMAZONIA

The InSitu Ecosystems AMAZONIA is the ultimate plug and play terrarium for both plant and frog enthusiasts. It is fully equipped with all of our standard integrations, including our custom dimmable LED light unit and 2 adjustable air circulation fans. Integrating these types of features in the past required retrofitting products from other industries, but we've put it all together into a simple plug-and-play package so you can spend more time actually enjoying your terrariums...instead of trying to piece them together.

  • Dimmable LED grow light
  • Sloped, integrated drainage
  • Fully sealed to prevent escapes
  • Twin adjustable circulation fans
  • Mistking system compatible
  • Lightweight ABS base and hood
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Create Your Own Jungle 

Experience the rainforests of South America at home. With fully customisable lighting and ventilation, the AMAZONIA is designed to create the perfect environment for plant growers and dart frog enthusiasts.

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Simply Plug and Play 

Whereas most terrariums on the market are designed for the reptile hobby, the AMAZONIA has been designed from the ground up with plant growers and dart frog keepers in mind.

Rather than clunky retrofits and customisation, the AMAZONIA will work perfectly off the shelf, from the first flick of the switch.

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Integrated LED Grow Light

Our light unit is specifically designed for use with InSitu vivariums. A clean white colour spectrum paired with a frosted glass lens creates an even quality of light throughout the enclosure, and is bright enough to grow light-loving plants such as orchids.

The light has been developed using light readings from the rainforests of Peru, ensuring it closely matches the spectrum and intensity of natural light found in-situ.

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Adjustable Water and Air Circulation

Our water resistant circulation fans turn over the total air volume of the vivarium 3 times per minute. Directional heads can rotate 120 degrees, allowing for customized airflow, and built-in screens ensure that they are 100% frog safe. 

Whether you mist by hand or use an automated system, our slanted deck and integrated drain system ensures that your vivariums don't become a swampy, mucky mess. Gravity directs water toward a front trough, which then exits the system into a sump – you can run your misters for hours and your enclosure will never flood.

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