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Simply Houseplant has been designed from the ground up as a high-quality, all-purpose repotting mix designed to give excellent results with a wide range of indoor houseplants.

We spent the last few months working on the composition in partnership with our friends at Ecothrive, who shared their expert knowledge on growing media compositions. We had the goal of producing the ultimate affordable growing media for houseplants. After many rounds of alterations, growing tests and lab soil analysis in the USA, Simply Houseplant was born.

Produced with a uniquely formulated base of Coco Coir, Growfibre, Bark and Perlite, Simply Houseplant also comes amended with a specially formulated nutritional profile designed to give your houseplants a nutritional boost from the start. The nutritional profile of Simply Houseplant has been designed with tropical houseplants in mind, to make available all the key nutrients (N,P,K) and also micronutrients (Ca, S, Mg, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn) needed for the strong growth of indoor foliage plants, at the right proportions, for the first 6-8 weeks once repotted.

Unlike our popular Jungle Mix formulation, Simply Houseplant is designed for use in normal household conditions with ambient humidity. Over the last few months. testing has shown excellent results with a huge range of plants from Monstera ‘Thai Constellation’, all the way to a Ficus, Begonia and a Pelargonium.


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