Lechuza Orchidea Self Watering Pot White

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Special features:
  • Self-watering planter with water level indicator
  • Semi-transparent, removeable plant insert
  • High-quality plastic with matte surface
  • High-quality specially developed orchid substrate included

The ORCHIDEA plant pot from LECHUZA was specially designed for epiphytic tropical plants like Orchids - but it's not just your orchids that will love it!

To imitate the supply of water to the roots of plants in nature, the ORCHIDEA irrigation system has been completely adapted to the needs of epiphytic plants like Orchids and Anthuriums; the semi-transparent, removeable plant insert provides the roots with sufficient light and the specially developed orchid substrate ensures a balanced supply of water and air, good nutrient storage and a constant pH value.

With a single glance at the water level indicator, you can check how much water is available in the reservoir and whether it needs a top-up. Waterlogging, which orchids do not tolerate and which often causes problems during maintenance, can thus be easily avoided. 

Dimensions ~ (W x D x H) 18,3 x 17,9 x 19,5 cm
Water reservoir 0,3 l
Plant volume 1 l
Planter liner, dimension ~ Ø 12 cm
Planting depth 10 cm
Plant height max. 30 cm

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