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Want to expand your collection but not sure what plant to add? Let us take it out of your hands with our mystery houseplant subscription box. 

So what is a Mystery Houseplant Subscription Box?

We'll be offering two types, an unusual houseplant subscription box and a rare plant subscription box

Each mystery subscription box comes with a care card and a single rare or unusual plant. This subscription box is designed to offer subscribers something different and unique and we endeavour to find new exciting plants to add to each box. This really is a subscription box for serious collectors and first-time newbies alike. 

In our mission to reduce waste and create a sustainable business model in an industry traditionally filled with waste, all subscription packaging will be 100% recyclable.

What's Included?

The boxes are priced at £25 for the unusual houseplant box and £50 for a rare plant subscription box. Inside the box you'll receive plants worth at least 10-15% more than the box value. Normally this will be made up of 1 unique plant but occasionally it may also be 2 smaller but equally unusual plants.

The contents are a mystery but we can confirm there will be some exciting inclusions that are not available from regular plant stores.

Examples (but the list is nowhere near exhaustive) of some of the plants you might find:

Houseplant Box: Schismatoglottis pusilla, Philodendron melanochrysum and more

Rare Plant Box: Alocasia 'Metalhead', Philodendron gigas, Alocasia 'Jacklyn' and more

Care Instructions

Each plant requires slightly different care, and we will include care instructions for each. As a rule of thumb, each plant will be capable of growing in household conditions. With each plant it's best to not over care for them. Ideally keep each plant slightly moist, in bright indirect light. Please don't cut the plant or re-pot for at least a week after arriving to minimise stress. 

Subscription Box Benefits

- Each plant is completely unique every month. We always aim to find something different each month!  
- The box ships on or around the 15th every month (Shipping only Monday-Thursday).
- You can alter the frequency of deliveries, skip a delivery or even cancel after 3 completed deliveries.

Please note: 

Due to their nature, the boxes are not refundable unless the plant is damaged. When you take out a subscription for the first time, you will be charged immediately. Subsequent charges will be made 10 days in advance of delivery, around the 5th of each month. Discount codes are valid for the first box but won't be valid on recurring subscription products.

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