Begonia 'Indian Summer'

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🌿 Plant Care Tips

Desired for its deep pink foliage with dark, almost black centres which contrasts perfectly with other, green plants. Cultivar of Begonia Rex which is native to India.

  • Leaves are also metallic and veined, giving them an attractive, multi-dimensional sheen.
  • Fast grower.
  • Lets you know when it is thirsty by wilting and bounces back to shape when watered.

Growth pattern: Rhizomatous, clump-forming & bushy

Water: When the top 2-3cm of soil becomes dry. Do not allow water to sit on the leaves.

Ideal Position: South or east facing

Light: Bright, indirect light. Can take some direct light.

Recommended Substrate: Simply Houseplant

Humidity disclaimer: This plant will grow well outside of a terrarium or cabinet. However, all tropical plants thrive with higher humidity levels. To achieve this we suggest grouping plants together, or putting them in a bathroom or kitchen which gets regular use.

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