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Showing 1 - 48 of 276 products
Aglaonema 'Jubilee Compacta' Plants GrowTropicals
Aglaonema 'Jubilee Compacta'
Sale price£11.00 Regular price£11.99
Aglaonema 'Silver Queen' Plants GrowTropicals
Aglaonema 'Silver Queen'
Sale price£13.00 Regular price£14.99
Aglaonema pictum 'Bicolor' Plants GrowTropicals 3 leaf plant
Aglaonema pictum 'Bicolor'
Sale price£73.00 Regular price£85.00
Alocasia macrorrhiza 'Stingray' Plants GrowTropicals
Alocasia macrorrhiza 'Stingray'
Sale priceFrom £11.00 Regular price£11.99
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Alocasia macrorrhiza Variegated Plants GrowTropicals
Alocasia macrorrhiza Variegated
Sale price£80.00 Regular price£150.00
Alocasia sarawakensis 'Yucatan Princess' Plants GrowTropicals
Alocasia sarawakensis 'Yucatan Princess'
Sale price£13.00 Regular price£14.99
Alocasia zebrina 'Black Stem' Plants GrowTropicals
Alocasia zebrina 'Black Stem'
Sale priceFrom £39.00 Regular price£45.49
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Amydrium medium 'Green' Plants GrowTropicals
Amydrium medium 'Green'
Sale priceFrom £22.00 Regular price£25.00
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Amydrium medium silver Plants GrowTropicals 3-Leaf Plant
Amydrium medium silver
Sale priceFrom £13.00 Regular price£15.00
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Amydrium medium variegated Plants GrowTropicals 1 leaf small rooted cutting
Amydrium medium variegated
Sale priceFrom £47.00 Regular price£55.00
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Anthurium 'Ace of Spades' x forgetii Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium 'Ace of Spades' x forgetii
Sale priceFrom £80.00 Regular price£95.00
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Anthurium breviscapum Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium breviscapum
Sale priceFrom £35.00 Regular price£45.00
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Anthurium cf. cerrobaulense Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium cf. cerrobaulense
Sale priceFrom £14.99
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Anthurium cf. grubii Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium cf. grubii
Sale price£65.00 Regular price£75.00
Anthurium clidemioides Plants GrowTropicals Large Rooted 1-Leaf Cutting
Anthurium clidemioides
Sale priceFrom £175.00 Regular price£200.00
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Anthurium crystallinum Plants GrowTropicals 12cm
Anthurium crystallinum
Sale priceFrom £13.00 Regular price£14.99
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Anthurium crystallinum x doryaki Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium crystallinum x doryaki
Sale price£81.00 Regular price£95.00
Anthurium crystallinum x Ecuador Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium crystallinum x Ecuador
Sale price£45.00 Regular price£70.00
Anthurium forgettii x Ecuador Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium forgettii x Ecuador
Sale price£64.00 Regular price£75.00
Anthurium kunthii Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium kunthii
Sale price£30.00 Regular price£45.00
Anthurium lancea Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium lancea
Sale price£45.00 Regular price£70.00
Anthurium magnificum Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium magnificum
Sale priceFrom £40.00 Regular price£75.00
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Anthurium pentaphyllum Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium pentaphyllum
Sale price£45.00 Regular price£55.00
Anthurium sp. 'Red Petiole' Plants GrowTropicals Large established plant
Anthurium sp. 'Red Petiole'
Sale price£45.00 Regular price£100.00
Anthurium umbricola Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium umbricola
Sale price£35.00 Regular price£55.00
Anthurium warocqueanum Plants GrowTropicals Large established plant
Anthurium warocqueanum
Sale price£150.00 Regular price£200.00
Ardisia sp. Sabilit Plants GrowTropicals
Ardisia sp. Sabilit
Sale price£35.00 Regular price£65.00
Begonia burkillii 'Silver Edge' Plants GrowTropicals
Begonia burkillii 'Silver Edge'
Sale price£24.00 Regular price£27.99
Begonia elnidoensis 'Red' Plants GrowTropicals
Begonia elnidoensis 'Red'
Sale price£39.00 Regular price£45.00
Begonia lukuana Plants GrowTropicals Small established plant
Begonia lukuana
Sale price£50.00 Regular price£65.00
Chamaeranthemum venosum Plants GrowTropicals
Chamaeranthemum venosum
Sale price£25.00 Regular price£60.00
Chlorospatha corrugata Plants GrowTropicals Large Plant with 1 leaf
Chlorospatha corrugata
Sale price£55.00 Regular price£75.00
Columnea cf. decorata Plants GrowTropicals
Columnea cf. decorata
Sale price£20.00 Regular price£30.00
Cryptanthus bivittatus Plants GrowTropicals
Cryptanthus bivittatus
Sale price£3.00 Regular price£3.49
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Cyrtosperma beccarianum Variegated Plants GrowTropicals
Cyrtosperma beccarianum Variegated
Sale priceFrom £90.00 Regular price£180.00
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Cyrtosperma cf. hambalii Plants GrowTropicals Medium (3 Leaf)
Cyrtosperma cf. hambalii
Sale priceFrom £40.00 Regular price£60.00
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Cyrtosperma sp 'Pink/Black Petiole' Plants GrowTropicals Large (Flowering Size)
Cyrtosperma sp 'Pink/Black Petiole'
Sale priceFrom £45.00 Regular price£50.00
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Dioscorea sp Borneo Plants GrowTropicals 1
Dioscorea sp Borneo
Sale price£45.00 Regular price£100.00
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Ficus villosa Plants GrowTropicals Rooted 1-leaf cutting
Ficus villosa
Sale price£30.00 Regular price£40.00
Gynura aurantiaca 'Purple Passion' Plants GrowTropicals
Hapaline celatrix (Silver variegated) Plants GrowTropicals
Hapaline celatrix (Silver variegated)
Sale price£65.00 Regular price£70.00
Hedera helix 'Lady Kay' Plants GrowTropicals
Hedera helix 'Lady Kay'
Sale price£2.00
Homalomena 'Dark Arrow' Plants GrowTropicals Well-established Plant
Homalomena 'Dark Arrow'
Sale price£45.00 Regular price£75.00
Homalomena sp Tapanuli Selatan, Sumatera 'Green' Plants GrowTropicals
Homalomena sp Tapanuli Selatan, Sumatera 'Green'
Sale price£55.00 Regular price£110.00
Homalomena sp. Papua 'pink vein' Plants GrowTropicals
Homalomena sp. Papua 'pink vein'
Sale price£111.00 Regular price£130.00
Leea amabilis Plants GrowTropicals
Leea amabilis
Sale price£75.00 Regular price£95.00
Maranta leuconeura var. kerchoveana Plants GrowTropicals
Maranta leuconeura var. kerchoveana
Sale priceFrom £4.99 Regular price£9.99
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