Plant Care - What to do with my new plant?

When you receive a plant from us, the care you give it in the first few weeks will be key to ensuring it thrives in your home. The following information is designed to make that process as easy as possible:

  1. Unpack the plant with care. We pack the plant tightly for travel and rushing at this stage may cause damage. Carefully cut the tape with scissors. Avoid using a knife.

  2. Inspect the plant carefully, and if there are any issues, please contact us immediately. We guarantee all our plants for 7 days from the effects of shipping.

  3. Shipping plants can be stressful. We suggest not repotting the plant for at least a month. We ship the plants rooted well, in a medium suited to their growing stage. Repotting at this point can cause unnecessary stress and damage.

  4. When it comes to watering, try to keep the medium just moist. Don't allow it to sit wet for long periods, and never let it dry fully.

  5. Most of the plants we sell come from tropical climates. We recommend ensuring good air humidity (60%+) and warm temperatures (18C+) all year round.

  6. Make sure the plant receives enough light, ideally place it under a good-quality plant light. Do not place direct sunlight.

  7. Despite the need for high humidity, air flow is always essential. If you are growing in a terrarium, cabinet or prop box, ensure fresh air is exchanged regularly by using a fan, passive ventilation or opening the doors regularly.

  8. Once you see new growth (roots or leaves), you can repot or propagate the plant to your hearts content.

  9. See our general plant care tips here for ongoing suggestions.