Plants Under £10

Discover a curated selection of budget-friendly plants, priced at £10 or less. Perfect for seasoned plant parents and plant gifting. From eye catching Scindapsus to elegant Euphorbia, we have hundreds of houseplants under £10. 

414 products

    414 products
    Asplenium antiquum - GROW TROPICALS
    Asplenium antiquum
    Biophytum sensitivum - GROW TROPICALS
    Biophytum sensitivum
    Ficus pumila 'Sunny' - GROW TROPICALS
    Ficus pumila 'Sunny'

    Discover the UK's Largest Plant Selection Under £10

    We've curated a selection of budget-friendly plants, all priced at £10 or less. This collection is perfect for seasoned plant parents looking to expand their indoor garden and for those searching for the ideal plant gift that won’t break the bank. With hundreds of houseplants to choose from, our affordable selection ensures that everyone can enjoy the beauty of indoor plants.

    Each plant in our budget-friendly collection is carefully selected to ensure you receive a healthy and vibrant addition to your home.

    Whether you’re looking to add a splash of green to your space or find the perfect houseplant gift for a plant lover, our selection offers a variety of options to suit any taste and style.

    Quality at our roots

    Explore our carefully designed peat-free potting mixes designed to help your plants thrive at home.
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