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MistKing is a leader in reliability and performance when it comes to automated misting systems and products, and is the brand we recommend for use with InSitu Ecosystems vivariums. We offer two different misting kits depending on the level of overall spread you prefer: 


Our Standard Kit allows for 2 double misting heads to be installed in each front corner of the vivarium. It includes:

  • 2 Value L double misting assemblies
  • 2 Value 1/4" plug-in tees
  • 1 Value 1/4" plug-in elbow
  • 1 Value 1/4" tee


Having just 2 sets of heads installed at the front of the vivarium doesn't always result in the background receiving adequate moisture. To solve this issue we have created our Recommended Kit, which allows you to install an additional 2 sets of heads toward the back of the canopy.  If you select this kit, we will install the heads in the four corners of the vivarium.  We do that by opening up two of the pre-existing drill starts on the rear canopy bar as well as utilize two existing holes on the front canopy bar.  The kit includes:

  • 4 Value L misting assemblies
  • 4 Value 1/4" plug-in tees
  • 1 Value 1/4" plug-in elbow
  • 1 Value 1/4" tee 

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