Hygrolon 3D Sheet 50cm x 100cm

Form: 50 x 100cm Panel
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Hygrolon was developed after studying how epiphytic plants grow in nature on moss and bark. The roots of epiphytes absorb the water in the bark. As they do, the moisture spreads evenly through the bark which ensures the substrate is never wet. 

The aim of Hygrolon was mimic these effects to create a synthetic growing media for epiphytes, whilst also being 100% inert and non-decomposable.

The benefits of hygrolon are:

- Holds 280 % of water
- Wicks and lift water vertically up to 320 mm
- Is 100% inert and free from degradation.
- Is an eco-friendly alternative.
- Acts as an excellent substitute for other organic growth substrates such as sphagnum, cork, bark, xaxim etc.
- For terraria, vivaria, orchid and greenhouse use.

Hygrolon 3D sheets are a wonderful new addition to the lineup of products that we offer. This product can be bent and formed into any shape that you can imagine. 

This product may be folded for shipping purposes, but can easily be flattened if needed.

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