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BioBizz Bio-Heaven is a 100% organic plant energy booster. For all-natural thriving plants Bio-Heaven is difficult to beat.

  • Certified organic plant energy booster
  • Naturally boosts plant’s recovery from moisture stress
  • Increases plant’s health and immunity
  • Improves mineral and micronutrient uptake
  • Perfect for use with the range of BioBizz nutrients and additives

How BioBizz Bio-Heaven Works

BioBizz Bio-Heaven is 100% organic and is created from all-natural protein sources such as soybean cake. Bio-Heaven provides your plants with carefully selected biological stimulants such as amino acids which are essential building-blocks of the plant’s structure and metabolism. Bio-Heaven help your plants to rid themselves of toxins built up during periods of stress, repairs chlorophyll and restimulates growth. The mineral uptake in soil can be just 5-10%. Bio-Heaven contains naturally aged humus which chelates the minerals in the soil and can improve their uptake by plants to over 90% ensuring your plant has a wealth of these essential trace elements for lush and vibrant growth. Bio-Heaven can also be used alongside a mineral-based nutrient schedule where it can increase the uptake of minerals and trace-elements from 35% to an incredible 95%!

How to Use BioBizz Bio-Heaven

BioBizz Bio-Heaven is for use with plants grown in any substrate from the second week of growth. Dilute BioBizz Bio-Heaven at a rate of 1-2ml/Litre of water and mix well before feeding. BioBizz Bio-Heaven can even be used every watering.

Used as directed and in combination with BioBizz nutrients and additives, Bio-Heaven will ensure your plant’s energy is maximised for healthy, lush growth.

BioBizz Bio-Heaven recommended feed dosage – 1-2ml/Litre regularly from the second week of growth through to 2 weeks before harvest.

BioBizz Bio Heaven NPK – 0.91 - 0.18 - 0.24

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