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Showing 1 - 48 of 74 products
Begonia dregei
Begonia dregei
Sale price£17.99
Begonia mazae f. nigricans Plants GrowTropicals
Begonia mazae f. nigricans
Sale price£16.99
Drimiopsis maculata
Drimiopsis maculata
Sale priceFrom £4.99
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Fockea edula Plants GrowTropicals
Fockea edula
Sale price£9.99
Homalomena sp. Papua 'pink vein' Plants GrowTropicals
Homalomena sp. Papua 'pink vein'
Sale price£90.00 Regular price£130.00
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Monstera siltepecana Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera siltepecana
Sale price£9.99 Regular price£29.99
Nautilocalyx cf. ecuadorensis Plants GrowTropicals
Nautilocalyx cf. ecuadorensis
Sale price£30.00 Regular price£60.00
Philodendron 'Rugosum' Plants GrowTropicals
Philodendron 'Rugosum'
Sale priceFrom £25.00 Regular price£80.00
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Philodendron cf. scherberichii 'Narrow Form' Plants GrowTropicals Large Established Plant
Philodendron cf. scherberichii 'Narrow Form'
Sale price£70.00 Regular price£90.00
Philodendron genevievianum
Philodendron genevievianum
Sale price£30.00
Philodendron gloriosum 'Verde'
Philodendron gloriosum 'Verde'
Sale priceFrom £40.00 Regular price£55.00
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Philodendron gloriosum 'Zebra'
Philodendron gloriosum 'Zebra'
Sale priceFrom £60.00
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Philodendron longipetiolatum Plants GrowTropicals 9cm (3 Leaf)
Philodendron longipetiolatum
Sale priceFrom £40.00 Regular price£60.00
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Philodendron squamicaule 'Blushing'
Rhaphidophora korthalsii 'Long Velvet' Plants GrowTropicals Imperfect rooted cuttings with new growth
Rhaphidophora korthalsii 'Long Velvet'
Sale price£35.00 Regular price£60.00
Schismatoglottis sp. NOID (reverted variegated) Plants GrowTropicals Large 2 leaf plant
Schismatoglottis sp. NOID (reverted variegated)
Sale priceFrom £25.00 Regular price£100.00
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Anthurium coriaceum Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium coriaceum
Sale price£60.00 Regular price£80.00
Anthurium giganteum 'Verde' Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium giganteum 'Verde'
Sale price£55.00 Regular price£75.00
Anthurium magnificum 'Verde' Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium magnificum 'Verde'
Sale price£70.00 Regular price£75.00
Anthurium magnificum x moronense Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium magnificum x moronense
Sale price£55.00 Regular price£75.00
Anthurium nigrolaminum 'Gigi' Plants GrowTropicals Large rooted 2 leaf plant
Anthurium nigrolaminum 'Gigi'
Sale priceFrom £55.00 Regular price£115.00
Anthurium splendidum Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium splendidum
Sale price£80.00 Regular price£110.00
Anthurium warocqueanum Plants GrowTropicals 12cm (1 Leaf Minor Cosmetic Damage)
Anthurium warocqueanum
Sale price£130.00 Regular price£200.00
Anthurium waterburyanum Plants GrowTropicals 9cm (2 Leaf Minor Cosmetic Damage)
Anthurium waterburyanum
Sale price£75.00 Regular price£110.00
Begonia bipinnatifida Plants GrowTropicals
Begonia bipinnatifida
Sale price£13.99 Regular price£14.99
Begonia dietrichiana Plants GrowTropicals
Begonia dietrichiana
Sale price£16.99
Begonia dregei 'Tripartita' Plants GrowTropicals
Begonia dregei 'Tripartita'
Sale price£13.99 Regular price£14.99
Begonia schmidtiana Plants GrowTropicals
Begonia schmidtiana
Sale price£9.99 Regular price£14.99
Begonia schulzei (syn B. elaeagnifolia) Plants GrowTropicals
Columnea eburnea Plants GrowTropicals
Columnea eburnea
Sale price£25.00 Regular price£35.00
Columnea strigosa Plants GrowTropicals
Columnea strigosa
Sale price£30.00 Regular price£35.00
Costus sp. 'Silver Flecks' Plants GrowTropicals
Costus sp. 'Silver Flecks'
Sale price£35.00 Regular price£50.00
Cyrtosperma beccarianum Plants GrowTropicals
Cyrtosperma beccarianum
Sale price£50.00 Regular price£70.00
Dioscorea bulbifera Plants GrowTropicals
Dioscorea bulbifera
Sale price£14.99 Regular price£100.00
Dioscorea elephantipes Plants GrowTropicals
Dioscorea elephantipes
Sale priceFrom £8.99
Homalomena sp. 'Platinum' Plants GrowTropicals Medium established plant
Homalomena sp. 'Platinum'
Sale price£85.00 Regular price£95.00
Homalomena sp. Tapanuli Selatan, Sumatera 'Green' Plants GrowTropicals Small established 3 leaf plant
Homalomena sp. Tapanuli Selatan, Sumatera 'Green'
Sale price£55.00 Regular price£110.00
Monstera deliciosa 'Albo Variegated' Plants GrowTropicals 17cm High Variegation
Monstera deliciosa 'Albo Variegated'
Sale priceFrom £26.99 Regular price£30.00
Monstera deliciosa 'Thai Constellation' Plants GrowTropicals 6cm
Monstera deliciosa 'Thai Constellation'
Sale priceFrom £78.99 Regular price£150.00
Monstera dissecta Plants GrowTropicals Medium partly-rooted 1 leaf cutting
Monstera dissecta
Sale priceFrom £27.00 Regular price£55.00
Monstera sp. 'NOID Velvet' Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera sp. 'NOID Velvet'
Sale priceFrom £40.00 Regular price£60.00
Pearcea sprucei Plants GrowTropicals Medium plant
Pearcea sprucei
Sale price£25.00 Regular price£40.00
Philodendron 'Golden Saw' Plants GrowTropicals
Philodendron 'Golden Saw'
Sale price£14.99 Regular price£29.99
Philodendron 'Majesty' Plants GrowTropicals
Philodendron 'Majesty'
Sale price£75.00
Philodendron asplundii Plants GrowTropicals
Philodendron asplundii
Sale price£70.00 Regular price£90.00
Philodendron balaoanum Plants GrowTropicals
Philodendron balaoanum
Sale price£55.00 Regular price£80.00
Philodendron cf. alatiundulatum Plants GrowTropicals 9cm 7 Leaf Medium Plant
Philodendron cf. alatiundulatum
Sale price£45.00 Regular price£60.00
Philodendron cf. asplundii Plants GrowTropicals Large Plant
Philodendron cf. asplundii
Sale price£60.00 Regular price£70.00

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