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Showing 1 - 48 of 119 products
Advanced Misting System V5.0  Mistking
Advanced Misting System V5.0
Sale price£579.99 Regular price£624.99
Alocasia 'Dragon Scale' Plants GrowTropicals
Alocasia 'Dragon Scale'
Sale priceFrom £5.99 Regular price£15.99
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Alocasia 'Ivory Coast' Plants GrowTropicals
Alocasia 'Ivory Coast'
Sale price£5.99 Regular price£6.00
Alocasia 'Platinum' Plants GrowTropicals
Alocasia 'Platinum'
Sale price£45.00 Regular price£60.00
Alocasia acuta var. tigrina Plants GrowTropicals
Alocasia acuta var. tigrina
Sale price£21.99 Regular price£29.99
Alocasia azlanii Plants GrowTropicals 14cm
Alocasia azlanii
Sale priceFrom £8.99 Regular price£60.00
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Alocasia brancifolia 'Pink Passion' Plants GrowTropicals
Alocasia brancifolia 'Pink Passion'
Sale price£41.99 Regular price£60.00
Alocasia melo Plants GrowTropicals
Alocasia melo
Sale price£45.00 Regular price£60.00
Alocasia sanderiana var. nobilis Plants GrowTropicals
Alocasia sanderiana var. nobilis
Sale price£45.00 Regular price£65.00
Alocasia sinuata Plants GrowTropicals
Alocasia sinuata
Sale price£37.99 Regular price£55.00
Alocasia Zebrina Plants GrowTropicals
Alocasia zebrina
Sale priceFrom £14.99 Regular price£19.99
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InSitu Ecosystems AMAZONIA Vivarium InSitu Ecosystems
AMAZONIA - InSitu Ecosystems Terrarium
Sale priceFrom £399.99 Regular price£435.00
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Amydrium medium 'Green' Plants GrowTropicals
Amydrium medium 'Green'
Sale priceFrom £15.00 Regular price£25.00
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Amydrium medium aff. Plants GrowTropicals
Amydrium medium aff.
Sale price£80.00
Amydrium medium variegated Plants GrowTropicals 1 leaf small rooted cutting
Amydrium medium variegated
Sale priceFrom £40.00 Regular price£55.00
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Anadendrum affine 'Scindapsus luscens' Plants GrowTropicals 2 leaf base cutting (some cosmetic imperfections)
Anadendrum affine 'Scindapsus luscens'
Sale price£50.00 Regular price£80.00
Anthurium cf. cerrobaulense Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium cf. cerrobaulense
Sale priceFrom £14.99 Regular price£25.00
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Anthurium cf. grubii Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium cf. grubii
Sale price£75.00
Anthurium crystallinum Plants GrowTropicals 12cm
Anthurium crystallinum
Sale priceFrom £12.99 Regular price£14.99
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Anthurium crystallinum 'Silver Blush' Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium crystallinum 'Silver Blush'
Sale price£9.99 Regular price£14.99
Anthurium forgettii x Ecuador Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium forgettii x Ecuador
Sale price£55.00 Regular price£75.00
Anthurium queremalense aff. Plants GrowTropicals
Anthurium queremalense aff.
Sale priceFrom £45.00 Regular price£65.00
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Aphelandra squarrosa Plants GrowTropicals
Aphelandra squarrosa
Sale price£12.99 Regular price£15.99
Ardisia sp. Sabilit Plants GrowTropicals
Ardisia sp. Sabilit
Sale price£35.00 Regular price£65.00
Begonia burkillii 'Silver Edge' Plants GrowTropicals
Begonia masioniana 'Iron Cross' Plants GrowTropicals
Begonia masoniana 'Iron Cross'
Sale price£8.50 Regular price£9.99
Caladium 'Miss Muffet' Plants GrowTropicals
Caladium 'Miss Muffet'
Sale price£13.99 Regular price£14.99
Caladium palaciosii ('palacioanum') Plants GrowTropicals
Chamaeranthemum venosum Plants GrowTropicals
Chamaeranthemum venosum
Sale price£25.00 Regular price£60.00
Colobgynium variegatum (syn. tecturatum) 'Silver Stripes' Plants GrowTropicals
Colobgynium variegatum (syn. tecturatum) 'Silver Stripes'
Sale price£45.00 Regular price£75.00
Cyrtosperma beccarianum Variegated Plants GrowTropicals
Cyrtosperma beccarianum Variegated
Sale priceFrom £90.00 Regular price£180.00
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Dioscorea sp Borneo Plants GrowTropicals Small Established Plant (Imperfect)
Dioscorea sp Borneo
Sale priceFrom £45.00 Regular price£100.00
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Homalomena sp Tapanuli Selatan, Sumatera 'Green' Plants GrowTropicals
Homalomena sp Tapanuli Selatan, Sumatera 'Green'
Sale price£60.00 Regular price£110.00
Homalomena sp. Papua 'pink vein' Plants GrowTropicals
Homalomena sp. Papua 'pink vein'
Sale price£98.00 Regular price£130.00
Hoya carnosa var. albomarginata Plants GrowTropicals
Hoya carnosa var. albomarginata
Sale price£9.99 Regular price£11.99
Hoya krohniana 'Splash' Plants GrowTropicals
Hoya krohniana 'Splash'
Sale price£12.99 Regular price£14.99
Maranta sp. NOID Plants GrowTropicals
Maranta sp. NOID
Sale price£45.00 Regular price£50.00
Marcgravia rectiflora Plants GrowTropicals
Marcgravia rectiflora
Sale price£25.00 Regular price£40.00
Marcgravia sintenisii Plants GrowTropicals
Marcgravia sintenisii
Sale price£15.00 Regular price£25.00
Marcgravia sp. 'Dark Brown' (May Restock) Plants Grow Tropicals
Marcgravia sp. 'Dark Brown'
Sale price£40.00 Regular price£55.00
Marcgravia sp. 'A' Plants GrowTropicals
Marcgravia sp. 'A'
Sale price£25.00 Regular price£30.00
Marcgravia sp. 'Bronze' Plants GrowTropicals
Marcgravia sp. 'Bronze'
Sale price£25.00 Regular price£40.00
Marcgravia sp. 'Coriaceae aff' Plants GrowTropicals
Marcgravia sp. 'Coriaceae aff'
Sale price£35.00 Regular price£45.00
Marcgravia sp. 'Mimii' aff. Plants GrowTropicals
Marcgravia sp. 'Mimii' aff.
Sale price£20.00 Regular price£30.00
Marcgravia sp. 'Puyo' Plants GrowTropicals
Marcgravia sp. 'Puyo'
Sale price£25.00 Regular price£40.00
Marcgravia sp. Peru ‘round form’ Plants GrowTropicals
Marcgravia sp. Peru ‘round form’
Sale price£35.00 Regular price£50.00
Marcgravia umbellata 'red' Plants GrowTropicals
Marcgravia umbellata 'red'
Sale price£45.00 Regular price£55.00
Monstera obliqua 'Amazonas' Plants GrowTropicals
Monstera obliqua 'Amazonas'
Sale priceFrom £20.00 Regular price£60.00
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